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What is Your Why?

Stay focused on your Why. What is your purpose? What are your passions in life? Why do they inspire you to keep going?

Some of my Why’s that keep me inspired:

My kids–that they grow to know the Lord and that through me I can be an example and a teacher. That they will grow to be men of God with hearts to serve.

My marriage–to grow spiritually in all ways. To learn from each other, serve one another, honor one another, and grow in God’s love.

My friendships–that we encourage and uplift each other. That we are like-minded and can share in our friendship the love of Jesus Christ.

My spiritual path–that my blog helps to encourage and bring God’s love to those who are hurting. To serve the Lord as He would have me serve and glorify Him in all that I do.

Stay strong when on the narrow path, for that is God’s path. See what’s in front of you–there you will find in prayer the answers you so desire and seek. Stay in God’s word. Study it and meditate on it, for in His word is where you’ll find peace, joy, hope, love, and contentment on this journey called life!


Ephesians 4:1

Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

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