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Hi! My name is Jill Kaczmarowski. I have been journaling for many years now, and I have felt led to share what GOD has revealed to me through my writing. For years, I felt I could not pray and connect with GOD, but when I journal, I am able to connect in such a way that I can hear and feel GOD speaking to me. I have overcome many struggles, like depression and addiction, with the help of God. I want to help other women who struggle by encouraging them to lean on and trust in God, for He loves us so!

My writings are direct and heartfelt “Letters to God.” As I write and share my day with GOD, I am able to hear precious words of encouragement back from Him.

“Perhaps the BUTTERFLY is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness, yet become something BEAUTIFUL.” -unknown

My blog is an uplifting resource for spiritual, inspirational, and motivational words to encourage all women, moms, and wives. I have a passion for helping women see how loved, worthy, and precious they are to God. I want to help you find your God light and let it shine bright for all to see.

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Know Who You Are In Christ

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Make a Decision In Love

Tweet Why do we find it hard to change or surrender our hearts and give our life to God? Is it because of Fear or lack of Trust? Why do we surrender?  When you can admit that you are not […]

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Tweet Today as I walked my son to the school bus stop, it started to rain. We ran under a huge oak tree to seek cover. As we both stood under the tree, waiting for the school bus, we noticed […]

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