Butterfly Letters


Today as I walked my son to the school bus stop, it started to rain. We ran under a huge oak tree to seek cover. As we both stood under the tree, waiting for the school bus, we noticed how well it was protecting us from the rain. We were barely getting wet. We looked up to admire its colorful leaves and thick beautiful branches. The branches stretched over us like big strong arms, keeping us dry and safe from the wind and rain. I imagine this is how God shields us and keeps us safe when we walk through a storm and into His Grace, Mercy, and Love.


When I got home, I thanked the Lord for showing me such a beautiful vision. I began to pray and try to sit still before I had to dash out the door. I asked the Lord to reveal to me a scripture that would speak to my spirit about the experience at the bus stop.

Proverbs 3:13-18

Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding; For her proceeds are better than the profits of silver, and her gain than fine gold, She is more precious than rubies and all the things you may desire cannot compare with her. Length of days is in her right hand, in her left hand riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. She is a Tree of life to those who take hold of her, and happy are all who retain her.

My son and I were blessed to stand under that tree today, gaining God’s Insight and Wisdom of what His path is and how He will direct us in all ways (read Proverbs 3:5-6). I have been through many storms, as I’m sure many of you have. Or maybe you are in one right now. What I have learned as I go through the storms of life is that God is there through it all. The pain, the heartache, the struggles, the disappointments, and the losses.  If you are holding on, know that He is there with you. He is holding you, protecting you, and guiding you through it all. As He stretches us to grow in Faith, Hope, Love, and Trust in Him, He is restoring and refining us.  Like coal is refined into precious gold, He refines us back into the beautiful daughters of Christ that we were created to be.




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