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Don’t Give Up the Fight

Have you ever asked your self or thought this is not the life I want there has to be more! God wants more for my life! I did back in May and cried out to the Lord for our marriage was struggling, finances, job it was more than I could handle.

Yes, there is more God answered me back. He then asked me what changes are you willing to make? What sacrifices are you willing to go through? Marriages struggle and have there seasons, people feel stuck, jobs are lost, finances get tight!. You must fight for what you want. When you believe in yourself, in your spouse and most of all trust in God all things are possible. Nothing is impossible with our God for he is an awesome God.  We have to first learn to love ourselves completely before we can love others. It was out of his amazing Love that he created us.

There are times when its abusive and there is no fight left but God will heal and restore all. Just pray for his will not matter what! Be the better person, Have the better attitude. Love more and pray for his  peace and joy in any storm. He will see you through.

A journal post of mine back in 2014:

Before I can work on my marriage I need to know about Love. How God loves me. How to Love myself.  How can I truly love others, including my spouse with no expectations. That is key. I have to change me and not worry about changing him or others.

I then began to look up and study scriptures on Love. Happiness in a marriage or any relationship is about personal growth , I’m finding out. Not expecting the other person to make you happy. When you both grow as individuals your relationship will grow to.My husband and I are finding that out. It’s important that we look at are marriage as a partnership and a friendship. We are learning to communicate in healthy ways, find understanding and compassion for the other and think of what is important to that person but might not be to you. Its been tough and we have not perfected anything but we are trying and that makes such a difference. Show your spouse or friend you care enough to take the extra step.

Happiness in not the goal…The goal is in personal growth. When one can grow on a personal level one finds happiness in all things. Don’t expect someone to do your growing for you it’s up to you to change and hopefully they will follow! Ask God were you need to grow he will show you. Change is not easy and can be a painful process at times but in the end so worth it.

Prayer: Thank you lord that you are always with me. That you will restore me and strengthen me in all areas bringing me back to your perfect peace and will for my life. Help me to see the areas that I need to improve on and grow and allow Andy his journey with you not in how I think his journey should be. I give you all the praise and glory as I walk in your will.

Scripture readings; Psalm 68:3, Psalm 32:8, Psalm 37:5

Scripture readings on Love: Deuteronomy 6:5, Psalm 119:97, Proverbs 10:12, Psalm 31:23,Psalm 91:14, John 3:16

Many Blessings,


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