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You Are More Than You Know

Do you feel like you have so much inside that wants to come out? That wants to start living yet you think no I can’t do that, I don’t have the skills for that, I’m not equiped to do that or what will others think! I just want to live a normal life. Normal is settling! Don’t settle when you were made for more!

Living with joy, peace, passion and your hearts desires are what GOD made you for. I’m not saying if you’re married run, off with your first love, or quit your job right away, or even do something that might hurt others. What I’m saying is that I know God has put on my heart to search out what my passion is and what makes me happy as I serve the Lord in the life he created me for.

For many years, I was serching and  felt I wanted to give back to share with others how God loves them. That we are broken people being put back togehter by God to be the light of this world. It took a loss of a job to make me step out and find what my true heart’s desire was. I’m still searching in some areas but everything I do is just another stepping stone to fufill my life’s calling.

God wants you to live for him and seek his desires and will for your life. Realize that the tug on your heart is God given, It’s the spirit saying, “Follow me. You were made for more.” Go to God in prayer and ask for your hearts desires and passions. Ask what is it that his will be for your life?  What am I called to do Lord? Journal and wait on the  Lord he will reveal his plan to you.

You might already know what that plan is but are too afraid to step out. Trust in him for he has your back.

There are many stories in the bible about brave men and women who thought they could not do what they were called to do yet they did it with God’s help. Look at Noah, Moses, Abraham, Sarah, Enoch, David; they all had faith in God and took a step trusting in the lord. Read Hebrews Chapter 11. It’s very encouraging to know they all walked by faith and filled their God given hearts desires. The calling on their life. Don’t miss yours.

Scripture reading: Jeramiah 29:11, Ephesians 3:20

Many Blessings,


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