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BE Still

Simple joys in life! What are your simple joys? Most of us don’t even know because we’re moving so fast we can’t stop long enough to breathe and see what’s in front of us. I too get lost in the tasks, choirs, errands, work, kids, life – oh! calgon take me away!  I ask myself, “When is enough? When do we give ourselves permission to relax, to unplug, to slow down to breath?!”

When was the last time you just enjoyed the moment? A sunrise, a sunset, looking up to the sky and taken in the beauty of the clouds! Sitting quietly and listening to the birds in your back yard! Watching the rain fall from your window! Slowing down long enough to read a good book or playing, really playing and interacting with your kids. What about interacting with each other! We all have our faces planted in our phones, we might miss the latest face book post. LOL!

Some have mastered all of these and I envy them. I am still learning every day how to be still. To quiet my mind and give myself permission to enjoy and relax for I don’t always have to be on. Learning to just BE. To BE still in God’s presence, to BE still in the moments where joy finds peace.To BE still long enough to be content. To BE still in the spirit and not the desires of the flesh.

One of my favorite scriptures that I have in my kitchen to remind me to be still is ” Be Still and Know That I am God”.  In the stillness of all things, we find God. Lets practice being still and living in the moment with GOD!

OMG!!!! I have to share this. God amazes me every day. He is always showing me that he is there and has my back. In fact today has been a frustrating and trying day. When I write in my blog it brings me closer to God and I find peace. God knew I needed to be reminded of his love.  I wasn’t sure what scripture was the BE Still. I grabbed my phone and went to the bible you version on my phone and what do you think was the verse of the day!  Yes you guessed it.

BE still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted amoung the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”  Psalm 46:10

Thank you father for showing up today and every day for my life is nothing without you.

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