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Do You Trust the Path

I have been struggling lately with the path that God has for me…asking what is my purpose? 

As I approach 50, I am feeling like I want more. I have been blessed to be home with my kids, and so part of me was lost in raising them. That is a blessing and I wouldn’t change that for anything, but I have lost my way and need to find what it is that truly will fulfill me? Who am I now? What do I want to be when I grow up.

I know God has many things in store for me. When I really stop and think about it in all that I am doing to raise my children, I am glorifying God. Its not about me and the degrees I might gain along the way, its about building a home and laying a godly foundation for my kids and the next generation to come.

So I’m not really lost but trying to seek God and what his next plan is for me!


I am feeling like there is so much inside of me that wants to reach out, take a risk and grow into the women he created me to be yet I’m walking in fear instead of faith. I know I have a choice I can stay in this or I can choose to pray, sing, dance, laugh and look to what lies ahead!

As I was journaling to the Lord tonight looking for guidance and clarity this is what I heard:

Listen and be guided by the spirit and not what you think is best! The flesh will cringe and crawl and cry out but you must let it die. When you can die to your flesh daily and live by the spirit then you will be open to receive his love and hear his will for your path and purpose. Become the women he created you to be. Be Courageous, Be Strong, Live in Faith, Don’t be defeated, Don’t give in to the lies, take a stand and be the light to guide the next and new generation to come!

So if you’re questioning… What is your path? What is your purpose? Are you in the flesh or spirit? Ask God to reveal to you what is that path for you. What is the next step. Don’t fear. Take a leap of faith and jump with him. He will show you the way!

Today I declare, its time to take a Stand, take Action and live the life I was created to live.  A life full of Joy, Peace and contentment!

Will you take that stand today and commit to following your dreams?



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