Butterfly Letters

Find Strength in Jesus

Have your ever felt there was so much coming at you? How are you going to handle it? Do  you have the strength it will take to overcome? Do you feel you don’t fit in that you’re not of this world? Your not understood?

God said this to me as I was feeling those feelings and writing to him one night in prayer. He wants us to lean on Him in all things and find our strengthen in him!

From God:

My child, stay strong! It is my strength that lives in you. Reach for it; for in it you will have the power to overcome. Don’t try to be of this world but seek me and allow the Holy spirit to guide you. The world sometimes does not understand those who are in the spirit for they live in the flesh. Stop trying to be of this world fitting in to places that are not of the spirit. Be the confident beautiful soul that you are. Don’t let others tear you down. Stay Strong! For you are strong in me.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Philippians 4:13

See your gifts, not others…

See your blessings, not others…

See the love in your life… See me in your life! Seek Me!



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