Butterfly Letters

Stay on Course

In order to keep the power, you must not share the power. What does that actually mean? To me, it means that I am not to allow the enemy to come and take the power that God has given me. I must Rebuke, Regain, and allow God to Restore my thinking and the negative chatter that goes on in my mind.

Don’t be what you think!

Your negative thoughts are not your reality. Remember that those are the lies that want to keep you stuck. Anything negative is not from God. He is only love and brings life! The battle is the Lord’s, not yours. Don’t give up or lose hope, for He is faithful and will never abandon you.

Look for the signs and know what your pitfalls are. I have learned by trial and error to know the clear signs of mine. Look for those who are like-minded and are searching for the same thing–Victory in Christ. Don’t be or play the victim. Let your light shine in a positive way.

I have learned over the years to go to GOD…some days are better than others!

Sometimes when my emotions are high, I need to seek Him instead of one of my friends. When the problem, circumstance, or situation is spoken, it might give it too much power over you. Give it to GOD; journal, pray, meditate, cast your cares, and then if you really need to seek advice once the emotion is taken out of it, reach out to a trusting friend, family member, spouse, or therapist.

Remember, try not to dwell on the problem or the negative thoughts. That’s when we give it the power to overcome us.

We can overcome and become victorious and conquer the battle by being right in the middle of it with GOD! As we overcome each obstacle, each battle, we are only getting closer to the final victory–Freedom! Oh the sound of that word brings comfort and nurtures my soul. To be free in my mind, that is the true Victory. Victory is ours in Jesus Christ.

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