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In The Arms Of Our Father

Are you standing Strong or being blown over?

I know in my life, I am only blown over when my priorities are in the world and not on God. When I don’t make time in the morning or at night to spend with God, I am all out of sorts. I can’t think straight, my energy level is down, I feel more depressed, and I lack joy and peace. Some mornings, even before I get out of bed, I thank the Lord for the day. I ask Him to wrap me in His love and show me what His plan is for my day. When I follow His lead, I have peace even in the storm!

I find when I consciously make time in the morning for the Lord, my days are so much better. I get it! You might ask: How do you do that when you have to get the kids ready, cook breakfast, make lunches, and then get ready yourself (supermom)? I know! I struggle with it too, but even if it’s five minutes, it can make a world of difference. Talk to Him in the shower. Praise Him on the way to work. Sing worship songs in the car. I say to my kids in the morning, “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be Glad.” It is also a reminder to me that I am to be glad today no matter what and rejoice in it.

God is not looking for perfection or for you to be supermom. He knows that we cannot sit in prayer all day or for hours. What we can do is take the time in the morning , talk to Him throughout our day, and close our night in thanksgiving for the day.

He loves us so much. He wants us to lean on Him, talk with Him, share with Him, and allow Him to comfort us in the storm.

I have learned to slow down; that has been key for me. Fitting my prayer time in gives me peace. I love to be in God’s presence! He is awesome, and there are no words to describe the love you feel when you allow Him to wrap you in His arms. When He sits you on His lap and embraces you with His love–how comforting it is.

If you have never experienced that or allowed God to embrace you, I invite you now to sit, close your eyes, and imagine that little girl inside that needs to be loved climbing on His lap and snuggling into His arms.

Dear friends, we should love each other because God is Love!

1 John 4:7





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