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God’s Provision

Have your ever read or given thought to this scripture?

Exodus 16:4: God provided all that they needed at the time but also tested them to see if they would abide in his law or not.

In reading the whole chapter, we see God’s provision for his children. Does He always provide for you? I know He does for me, but at times I ask for more! The flesh always wants more, more, more, yet God says you have exactly what you need!

We are fortunate to live in the land of plenty, yet it’s not enough. When we don’t get the material things we think we want or deserve, we get mad at God. When we have more than enough, we are far less likely to be obedient to God than when in need. That is just human nature, and GOD knows that. Through trust, we find in the obedience to be trusted with more. Let’s face it, we live like kings and queens compared to other nations, and yet it still is not enough!

We sometimes prioritize our needs and wants only with wealth. Do we trust God only by the amount we have in our bank account? What about the peace we gain, the strength we find, the hope He gives us every day to be blessed with health, love, and salvation? What about the circumstances we overcame?

Seek Him today! Seek to be obedient to Him not by our circumstances, but by His love for us.

God is faithful and delights in our obedience to be deeply rooted with a heart of love and devotion.

Do you seek God only for material gains? Do you operate in blessing others only to feel like He should bless you back?

Are you obedient only when you feel God has answered a prayer, or do you seek to be obedient because you are a child of a loving God and Father who loves you so?






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