Butterfly Letters

Answered Prayers

Dear Lord,

I thank you that you only answer the prayers that are best for us and that will fulfill your purpose and glorify your name. Forgive me Lord when I allow doubt to come and lose my faith because I’m looking through the eyes of the flesh and not the spirit. I pray for those material possessions and at times those are nice to receive but what I really need you already know.

Love, Peace, Joy, Contentment

I have learned that the material possession I pray for are the temporary fixes which bring only temporary peace or joy. It’s seeking you daily and in all things that fills the void for only you can fill that longing!

Prayer: I pray, Lord, that you come into my heart and soul and fill me with your spirit. Fill the void that only you can fill. Help me to seek you and not the worldly possessions that keep us trapped and distracted from you.



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